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I've added a list of the sources used for my research paper, Medicinal Plants of Delaware, so that folks have the ability to find out more info on our local flora and their medicinal properties. This data is also available on the online Flora of Delaware database. 

I will add more of my online sources, as well as new books I've acquired and found to be reliable so that you can verify the medicinal plant info that I post on this website and have some resources you can use for your own learning. 

I'm doing this for several reasons:

  1. I believe in the healing power of plants and that they truly are the "medicine of the people", and everyone should have access to this knowledge and wisdom. 
  2. I believe that all plant medicine practitioners, teachers, researchers, and salespeople (those who sell herbs, herbal supplements/products, and essential oils) have a responsibility to disseminate accurate information and act with integrity. 
  3. As consumers, we need to use our critical thinking skills and intuition when working with plant medicine, just like we should with every other aspect of our health. We need to be able to do our own research to discover what healing method will serve us best and which information is accurate and applies to us.

When I started studying herbs 20 years ago, I verified usage information across at least 3-5 references before using any plant. I was concerned about safety first and foremost for myself and my family. I use this same practice today. I rely on my training and experience, but continue to research and verify any new information, as there is as much mis-information on the internet as truth. When I come across an unknown herb or previously unknown use of an herb to me, I look at the training of the person posting the information, as well as if they're trying to sell me something. I like to know where their interests lie and how they know what they're telling me. 

I have seen pretty fantastic (and some bordering on wishful fantasy) claims about plants, usually without any sources listed to back them up. And then this same info gets passed on over and over again as truth but with no verification, leaving us eager-to-learn-more folks a bit frustrated and frankly, concerned. 

Safety is always first on my mind, and while most claims of herbs are fairly accurate and unlikely harmful, some info is just dead wrong and can be harmful, especially for specific conditions or when used with medications.

As someone who is interested in the continued unfolding of the mystery of plants and their ability to help us heal, we need to have reliable sources of information from traditional long-term practices like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Native American/Indigenous medicine, as well as access to objective clinical studies that use appropriate sample sizes, follow proper scientific method, and are not paid for by a company who is looking for a specific outcome and willing to do anything to make it turn out the way they want so they can make a buck.

Gandhi said "Be the change you wish to see in the world." So here's a start...

Herbal Blessings,

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