About Sue

I believe in Science. I believe in Spirit. We are so much more than we know, and we are greater than the sum of our parts.  

My focus in life is that of an Herbalist-Naturalist, wife, parent, teacher, and community servant. I have always been deeply spiritual, and am drawn to seek and engage the mystery within and without. My journeys have led me to discover that plants are our elder siblings on this Earthen voyage, and the stars remind us that we’re not alone in the universe. The mountains, deserts, and prairies share secrets that can only be heard in the silence between heartbeats.

Our native and universal language is that of the Heart, and we have the innate ability to communicate with and understand the natural world around us, for We Are Nature. It is our birthright to connect with our natural healing allies . . . plants, animals, sunshine, rain, moon and star light, soil, rocks, rivers, mountains, valleys, deserts, and seas. It is our natural heritage to co-create. 

My passion is teaching, especially children and families, about the life-giving plants and mystery of nature.

With immense gratitude for all my Teachers and All My Relations, I draw inspiration from the following wells: 
I have enjoyed partnering with Delaware Nature Society, Mt. Cuba Center, Delaware Permaculture, Delaware Center for Conscious Living, Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek, and local garden clubs to co-create specialized programs. Topics have included medicinal plants, environmental education, summer camp instruction, Reiki, and meditation for adults and children. 


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