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Wisdom of the Wood

When the trees came to me deep in the night, I listened while my mind slumbered... With my soul did they speak of long adventures in past epochs, distant memories transcribed on our cells of relationships which could never be rent asunder. We walk this world in separate bodies, along the same desired path - learning how to be in the many ways there are in this world. Trees know of plants and soil; what it is like to make sugar of sunlight. To offer sustenance to others by way of bark, fruit, and medicine, be struck by lightning, go dormant in winter to rise again in spring. To stand tall in the wind and scatter seeds, then willow away at the end of life, chipping off slowly, returning to soil. They wonder what it is like to be human…to understand how tears mean both deep sorrow and great joy. How is it that the water rises in our bodies and moves in and out through orifices so vastly different from theirs? What it is like to feel their bark with our tender fingertips, a


With sunlight bursting through the windows this morning, I knew today was the day… The yard was calling, needing her grass locks trimmed and winter leaf blankets removed from her beds. With dandelions and violets blooming, mating calls in the air, and arthropods on the move, the signs were all there to prompt that inner call I’ve been waiting for. Time to tend the yard. I always love when spring reaches that full-steam-ahead energy, as I feel the rise of new possibilities once again. As we leave behind the lethargy of winter, spring brings a freshness and reminder that nothing in life is permanent…everything has a cycle and season. Cold, grey harshness will end and give way to warmth and growth and an abundance of life. Then there will be slowing, death, and life again. If nothing else is certain, change is a constant we can rely upon. Of course, this year is different than any other that most of us have ever lived. We have a global viral pandemic that has pushed the

Support for Worldy Changes

As the world adapts to the coronavirus outbreak, I thought I'd use this blog to post a few links to resources that may be helpful. I'll add more as I find them. American Herbalist Guild - hub for information from all over the world including CDC, WHO, and clinical herbalists Hay House  - free tools for dealing with stress and anxiety. Emotional care is self-care that helps our immune systems stay healthy. Honeysuckle Hugs - free earth-based education activity book. Highly recommend! This morning, I created a mandala during an outside meditation, and the following words came through... Pine for peace, Comfrey for knitting the world back together, Dandelion for helping us to let go and move through the challenges, Dock for supporting transitions, Daffodil to brighten our days, Maple buds to remind us that new life bursts through after dormancy. Together, the plants remind us that we are not alone.  Message from the plants for today:  "Be well, beloved