Hidden Value

It is the little things that hold the tapestry of life together.

So often it feels like the only things we recognize are big milestones, like getting a job, or a house, or some kind of "great" success. Or worse, our glaringly biggest life mistake continues to haunt us, even when we've changed our ways and made recompense. Our culture excels at judging life's adventures as all good or all bad. It's easy to get caught up in that mindset ourselves. We can get so focused on achieving big things that we're not present for the small details that are constantly weaving our life story. 

When I look back on my life, it is the gentle and subtle little things that have been the "a-ha" moments, the most meaningful for me to experience. A sweet smile on a really bad day, a kick in the pants by a loved one who knows I need it, a message of gratitude from an unexpected place, or a moment of beauty at a highway rest stop - these are the tender moments that endure. 

Those simple threads are surprisingly steadfast and strong, the ones that hold everything together when life is otherwise unraveling. The universe has a way of keeping things in balance. Often when we feel the most lost or broken, someone appears in our life to offer us a new fiber to patch up our holes, along with scissors to trim up the ragged edges. That someone may be in our life for twenty seconds or twenty years. 

Existence here on planet Earth can be really hard. And sometimes it's hard for a really long time and we can lose our way, forget our unique brilliance, and get tired of just keep-on-keepin'-on when we're not making any headway.

For those of us who feel lost, know that our prayers are heard and we are loved, no matter what. Help is coming - let us be open to it and try not to predict its form. It most likely will show up in a stranger and a better way than we could have ever hoped.

For those of us who are able to shine our light at the moment - thank you, and let's keep it going as long as we can. We are sustaining those who have need of their dark caves for now - they are doing deep healing work, battling their shadows. Let us stand ready to greet them when they emerge, and then we shall take our turn to rest.

Every one of us faces our own challenges and fears every day. Let us be kind in our thoughts, words, and deeds, especially to ourselves, and then let that ripple out. We never know where it's going to go. 

The smallest things often have the most value.

Love & Light, Sue


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