Greater Than Fear

The U.S. is in a state of vast change on every level. 

Let's be honest...we're all scared and frustrated, no matter which side we're viewing things from. Every one of us has been left out of something, somewhere along the way in this country. 

We cannot change the past, but I am hopeful, because we're learning from it. The inequities and injustice that have been happening for so long are being acknowledged, and we are coming together to do something about them. All our shadows are out in the open so we can heal them.

If we don’t like how things are, we have a rare opportunity to shift our gaze to the change we want to see in the world and go be that change. There is so much unknown right now that it has become the void of creation.

It can be a dark and frightening place, as it requires us to reach deep down inside and see what we're made of. It's messy and sticky and we have to feel our way through, untangling our lies and half-truths along the way to discern what really matters when comfort and convenience are gone. In the darkness and at the bottom, we remember that we are the light. The spark of passion and ingenuity is lit, born of need in the search for truth and purpose. 

Fellow Americans, if we're upset that people are not embracing the president-elect, then we’re not being honest with ourselves. For if we can’t acknowledge both the strengths and weaknesses of our leaders, then we will all continue to suffer the consequences of their combined weaknesses. If we're angry that thousands of people are gathering in Washington DC to stand in solidarity for equal rights for all humans, then we have some inner work to do, because our neighbors are suffering and we have ignored it for decades. That is not okay. If we believe that any leader is going to be our nation’s savior, then we’re not accepting our responsibilities as citizens. We are better than that.

After deep consideration, I am attending the Women’s March on DC – not to protest, but to stand in support of equality and caring for everyone, no matter their gender, skin color, cultural heritage, religion, etc. I march for those who can’t. I march for my fellow humans, in whatever form their body takes and how they choose to adorn it for whatever reason; we are all inherently valuable. I march for diversity because our survival depends on it. I march for access to medicine in all its forms - orthodox and complementary, laughter, hugs, music, art, and nature. I march for justice and our communities – our right to take care of one another so no one is abused - lay citizens, citizens serving in public roles, and those who desire to be citizens. I march for transparent accountability in all levels of government. I march for clean water and open natural spaces because we need them. I march in deference to my ancestors and for the next seven generations. I stand in solidarity with All My Relations on Saturday and every other day, and will not give up until everyone is free or we are all dead. If you need an ally, I am here for you.

I confess that I am nervous to go to DC. I am frightened to be stuck in a gigantic crowd with limited access to water, bathrooms, food, etc. and to have my well-being and safety dependent upon every other person in the city that day. A part of me is panicking about sharing my thoughts here and advertising that I'm going. This is a trust walk of the biggest kind. 

I'm going because I decided that I can't bear to stand in my fear on the sidelines anymore. I'd rather stand for what I believe in, and if I get hurt in the process, then I'll bear the pain. If our ancestors did it, so can I. I stand because others stood for me. I stand for those whose future depends on me. I cannot hand my children a world devoid of clean air, water, food, healthcare, and space to live peacefully with who they love and what they need. I cannot hand them a world where conflict is the only truth. I am finally more afraid of handing them a broken world than I am of doing something about it.

We’re all in this together. We belong to one another. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Grab my hand and let’s get to work. I don’t care who you were in the past, what God you worship, how you look, or how you voted. Let us reach down into the essence of being human and be the miraculous, creative beings that we truly are. It is incredibly hard to remember how limitless we humans are, but we can endure that journey of pushing through obstacles because we always survive when we walk together. And we are so much more than survivors. We are so powerful and innovative, that when we cooperate, we create space where everyone thrives, not just survives. That is equality. That is why I march. I believe in miracles, because it’s a miracle that we humans have made it this long with how deplorably we’ve treated each other.

Let us begin again. It is a new day. We are greater than any fear we have. There is light and hope in every corner of darkness, for we are the light. 

I believe in something greater because I believe in us.

Love and Blessings,


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