Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

I see that Giant Asteroid 2016 didn't work out, so thanks for that.  I think. 

As you may already know, America has put out a cry for help. 

I have to confess that as a citizen of this country, I did not see how many of my fellow citizens were truly hurting. I was blind to their plight. I did not realize the depth of their unmet needs until last night.

I am now on my knees, wracked with sobs and in shock, now understanding that a majority of us here in the U.S. are so distraught and hopeless that we felt our only choice was to place our faith in a man simply because he wasn’t a politician. We are looking for a savior but forgot that we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for…we’re the ones with the power. We the People have become lost.

Universe, please be gentle with us. Our choice has a big impact on everyone on this planet, and yet we are still young as a nation and as a species. We are still learning, and we have chosen to do this the hard way. We need a little help remembering who we really are. Help us be kind to one another and remember how to work together. Help us remember that everyone is important and we need one another; we can’t do this alone, and diversity is what makes us strong survivors. Help us remember that there really is enough for everyone, and above all, help us face our individual and collective fears with courage and grace. Help us to practice forgiveness. 

To the world nations: I am sorry. Please forgive us and show us mercy, though perhaps we don’t deserve it. Please work with our President-elect and teach him how to serve. He doesn’t know how. Please demonstrate compassion and patience and be better siblings than we have been. 

To the planet: I don’t know what to say, other than I’m sorry and I will continue to speak for All My Relations - the water, the land, the plants and animals, and encourage stewardship of this place we call home. I will find my tribe and we will work together in small communities to feed and care for one another at every level. Nourish us with beauty, fire us with sunshine, bless us with your rains and starlight, and help us discover the small places where hope lives.

To my fellow Americans: I love you and nothing you can do will change that. We have a lot of work to do, my friends. I think we now understand that things need to change immediately, and that starts with us. It starts with forgiveness of all the hurts from the past. We can no longer carry our ancestral and generational anger and wield it like swords of righteousness, for we cut down our allies. We cannot hide behind our religion and expect God to do the work of smiting our enemies. Our enemy is hatred and separation – that is our work to do. This is roll-up-the-sleeve and open-up-the-heart time. We chose this path because we need it. We chose to elect a leader who has never served, so we need to guide him and help him see how all of us fit together in this beautiful tapestry. We have co-created this nation and we are responsible for taking care of one another. Each one of us has a hand on the rudder and we no longer have the luxury of walking away and leaving someone else to steer it.

Now is our time to shine.  We have a unique opportunity before us. Let us take a step together, hand-in-hand, laying down our fears and seeing what miracles may come as we step into the unknown. 

We asked for this challenge, and the only way through it is together. 

I'll admit I'm afraid and it's all very big and overwhelming. Let's hold hands and go together, shall we? 

Love & Light,


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