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Rite to Discriminate

*Note: This post is a serious departure from my usual topics* I believe our government leaders may be confused, based on some recent activity:  Protecting Freedom of Conscience  Act, Free Exercise Protection Act , and HB2 . In these bills, our representatives are proactively allowing discriminatory actions against a particular subset of people (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) based on religious views, in addition to declaring who may use what bathroom based on whether or not one has a penis.  I'm really trying to understand what's happening here because it seems to me that our lawmakers are obscenely interested in the workings of its citizen's bodies and whether or not those body parts are worthy of being present and accounted for in different establishments, like public bathrooms. Or if they should be assisted in government agencies where one might apply for and receive legal documents. Or whether those bodies should be acknowledged in places where a citizen m