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Sometimes, we need to hit the reset button. For the past 6 months or so, I've been feeling a big change coming into my life. But I had no sense of what it was. Not knowing what needed to change. Not knowing if it was a physical change like moving or a job shift or if it was something deep inside me that was changing.  The unknown is a VERY uncomfortable place for us humans.  This is the place where fear grows, where our imagination takes over and comes up with all sorts of horrific and painful possibilities. We imagine the worst. . . loss of our loved ones, our homes, our income, etc. Why does the mere thought of change invoke such fear, even when our own  experiences may demonstrate and prove that the changes we've made in our lives overall turned out for the better? How many times have we set aside dreams because the process was not what we expected? How many times did we stop doing what we really wanted to do because unforeseen obstacles left us reeling

World Water Day 2015

Sharing this beautiful prayer for our precious Water today, courtesy of  Yeye Osun of Watersongline . Dear Mother Waters, nurturing Mother, We honor you for WORLD WATER DAY We honor you as you flow in the form of all the sacred rivers: Osun River, Ganga River, Yellow River, Jordon, Catawba River, Amazon, Nile River, River of stars, Mississippi and so many more rivers we have not called. We honor you In all your forms, names, and lineages as: Osun, Yemanje, Olukun, Oya, Mami Wata, Durga, Kali, Parvati, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Ganga Tara, Guan Yin, Nu Wa, Amatarasu, Hathor, Isis, Sekhmet, Baset, Nut, Wadjet, Nekhebet, Changing Woman, Spider Woman, Pancha Mama, Athena, Artemis, Demetrius, Mary and all the names and ways we have not called. We thank you for all you do for us, for your blessings, your sacred nurturing, your birthing us into a higher more conscious way of living. We thank you for your light that keeps us safe even in the dar

Special Project

Greetings! I just thought I'd post a little update from the Grove.  :) I'm engaged in a special year-long blogging project over at earthgrl  called A Year in the Yard , where I'm weaving the story of my yard and our local wild areas as they change throughout 2015.  Blog posts here are on hold for a bit, but be sure to stroll through the other pages here on DandeLion Grove for some herbal wisdom and local happenings over the next few months. I hope you'll follow my adventure over at  earthgrl ! Love & Light, Sue