River of Life

We are nourished at the River of Life.

The bounty is found deep within the flow,
where currents carry us to our center
as we bubble over rocky obstacles
to soften the hardness
and relieve us
of unnecessary burdens,
leaving our truth exposed.

The ride is rough,
we fight the flow,
feeling lost and confused
as the shoreline disappears;
our solidness and surety slipping away.

We’re pulled beneath the surface
to face the dark waters
of our fear,
shadows looming
unseen forces bumping,
paralyzing us,
till we hold still
and finally surrender,
ready to peer into our darkness.

At the moment of surrender,
we float in the sea of acceptance
of all that is and all that has been.

From the center
the view is vast,
and unlimited possibilities
make themselves known
that were unseen from the shore.

Moving with the current,
we navigate
from the depths
of our dreams
instead of the banks
of our fears, 
and drink from the River of Life.

© Sue Bara


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