Flowing through Transition

Life's been a bit of a bumpy ride lately and it seems to be that way for lots of folks, so I thought I'd throw out a little inspiration for those of us going through some changes, whether they be small or a complete life overhaul.

We truly have everything we need to live a happy and healthy life, even though we may not always feel it.

We were perfectly built for for this intense, sense-ational world. It lights up our eyes with brilliant colors and textures...fills our ears with sweet birdsongs and the voices of our kin...tantalizes our noses with fragrant flowers and smells that alert us to danger...gives us nourishment in the form of salty, sweet, sour, and bitter tastes....and tickles our touch with a plethora of things to feel on our sensitive skin.

And sometimes this world feels overwhelming...too many things assault our senses, feelings, and thoughts all at once and we can feel lost. We have too many things to do, too many choices, have to be in too many places at one time, and some days, it all just feels wrong and out of place and we'd like to go back to bed and just hide under our covers for a while.

The low points and times of struggle are an in-between time, a time of us transitioning out of what no longer works for us. Sometimes we go through this struggle without consciously understanding what's going on; we just feel unhappy or unsettled. 

These are the days that we need to nourish ourselves, from the inside out. Allowing ourselves to pause, take a deep breath, and choose to sit within the struggle and step into the pain helps us open up so we can listen to the quiet wisdom of our hearts. We need to open up to the struggle instead of closing ourselves down. Facing what scares us and hurts us is the beginning of the healing. 

Opening up the crack lets the light in

When the light comes in, things start flowing again and we can see the gifts within the sacrifice.

We can reach out to a friend or professional if needed for support - there is no shame in saying we can't sit with our struggle alone. Humans were born to be communal!

Deep down inside, we know who we are and what we want to be and do in life. These times of transition are opportunities for us to shed that which no longer fits us so we can move on to something better. Even when transitions are for joyful reasons, like sending your first child off to college or planning a wedding, we have to wriggle out of old mindsets and habits. And it's uncomfortable.

There always seems to be fear that comes with transitions, a whole list of "what if's", and it's easy to get caught up in that fear. 

Let us flow through this transition...

From the wisdom of A.A. Milne, let us remember that we "are braver than we believe, stronger than we seem, and smarter than we think." 

We can handle any transition that comes our way. 

Let us step strongly into it, for we are exactly who we were meant to be, in every single moment. We have the courage and strength to be ourselves and align our lives in a way that makes us feel happy, healthy, and whole. And the world will be a better place for it! 

We are perfect as we are, in every moment - messy or put-together, confused or confident, sad or joyful. 

When low times hit, let us breathe deep, listen to some music that lifts our spirits, step outside into the balancing hand of nature, and trust ourselves - we will work this out and come through to the other side of this transition, all the better for it! 

We each know what our life is meant to be, and we are the most amazing gifts in this world! Many people may have advice for us, but let us trust our own inner knowing of what feels right and what doesn't, and then move in the direction of that which feels right. 

Above all, we are loved and we are loving. Let's start with loving ourselves, shall we? 

If you need a little lift, reach out to me here and I'll share a meditation with you to help you find some inner peace and connect with your beautiful, all-knowing heart. 

Be well. 

In Love & Light,



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