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Lotus Meditation

I am open to the Universe like the lotus flower petals delicately stretched out and up to receive all that I need. At my center there is Love quietly emanating from a calm core of knowing all is well and as it should be. Love builds from my center gracing each petal in turn as it moves up and out into the Universe. © Susan Bara

Flowing through Transition

Life's been a bit of a bumpy ride lately and it seems to be that way for lots of folks, so I thought I'd throw out a little inspiration for those of us going through some changes, whether they be small or a complete life overhaul. We truly have everything we need to live a happy and healthy life, even though we may not always feel it. We were perfectly built for for this intense, sense-ational world. It lights up our eyes with brilliant colors and textures...fills our ears with sweet birdsongs and the voices of our kin...tantalizes our noses with fragrant flowers and smells that alert us to us nourishment in the form of salty, sweet, sour, and bitter tastes....and tickles our touch with a plethora of things to feel on our sensitive skin. And sometimes this world feels overwhelming...too many things assault our senses, feelings, and thoughts all at once and we can feel lost. We have too many things to do, too many choices, have to be in too many pl