The Unfinished Story

Working with plants has taught me to slow down and pay attention. Somehow slowing down makes you wake up. 

Slowing down also can cause a "bubbling up" of things that were set aside for another day. So today, I have a story for you. It's end is not yet written, perhaps you can help?

The heart-people had a beautiful and loving home on the blue planet, and a deep relationship with all other beings on it. They knew the cycles and seasons and their own part within it. 

Green beings, winged ones, crawlers, swimmers, two-leggeds, four-leggeds, and elemental forces ebbed and flowed in peace and harmony, each individual a unique part of the whole. The heart-people relied on and understood what was theirs to use and then return for the good of all. One being's trash was another being's treasure, everything having a purpose and use. They held hands and hearts together, whether they liked their neighbor or not, for they were dependent upon one another in all manners of living. This was the way of the blue planet and the truth of their creation. 

They flourished together with all their relations for a good, long time. 

The heart-people were very creative beings who invented new and wonderful things. Instruments were born to mimic the sounds of their wild kin and their own voices. Sturdy shelters and ways to keep warm and cool in the shelters came into being. The heart-people learned how to move water to where they lived. They borrowed buried treasures from times long ago and turned them into something new and amazing...ways to move across the blue planet, powered on the bones of the ancients. They were happy and life was easy.

And in their happiness and ease, they forgot their native brethren...

They forgot their union with the green beings, their understanding of winged ones, swimmers and crawlers, their partnership with the waters, the rhythms of light and season, the subtle cues that warned them of weather changes, and the knowledge that they belonged to one another. It all fell slowly away from their consciousness.

And their hearts cried. 

As the heart-people lost their kinship with the others on the blue planet, they became the head-people, embracing logic and order, forsaking the heart-full ways. 

After a time, they forgot why they cried and swallowed their tears.

Life became filled with all manners of convenience, comfort, and thought-full things, and the pursuit of happiness became a full-time job. In the journey to unify their purpose, they created leaders and rules for all head-people to live by.

They invented more things so they could be happier.

Studies of their anatomy and physiology led to miraculous healing and longer life. Devices with which to speak to other head-people around the blue planet were created. Food began to come from small packages, and oh-so-many inventions made life cleaner and brighter in various ways.

Safety became the utmost concern of the head-people. All elements of risk to their comfortable lives were targeted to be eliminated, and behaviors outside the standard were met with severe consequences. Over time, agreement of what was "harmful" became befuddled and led to dangerous disagreements.

Peace became a notion of fairy tales. The head-people found themselves driven by fear. Their minds ran amok with worry, and despite all their inventions and attempts at unification through logic and structure, they were not happy. 

Something was very wrong.

The cries of their hearts had became buried and were no longer recognized by the head-people. They only knew something was missing from their life, and thought only that they had yet to invent it.

But those heart-cries were heard, indeed...

The native brethren of the blue planet missed their old friends, and brought sweet sunshine and cool breezes to refresh their heart-memory and melt away their mind-fog. 

The winged ones sang beautiful and heartfelt songs from wire perches and spoke of joyful memories with the heart-people. 

Wily green beings hitched rides with the head-people who soared around the blue planet. The green beings grafted themselves throughout the world in cracks and crevices all along where the head-people lived, hoping their exotic colors and shapes would catch the eyes of their old kin and help them remember.      

All manner of sea-creatures cast themselves upon the sands around the blue planet in hopes that the head-people would notice them. 

And still the head-people were miserable and at-odds with one another. They could not think what else to do. 

So the native brethren of the blue planet gathered together. The cries from the hearts of the head-people pained them so much that they reached a desperate decision. Knowing that grief can be a powerful unifying force, they agreed to sacrifice themselves in order to open the hearts of the head-people once again. 

Four-leggeds and crawlers moved near the shelters of the head-people, in hopes that they would be seen for their beauty, agility, and grace, and be remembered. 

Many were wounded and slaughtered at the hands of the head-people, who believed it was reasonable and acceptable for being in their space.

Great winged ones of feathers and fur died off in large numbers for no reason, and small winged ones disappeared from the planet in hopes that the head-people would notice their absence. 

Head-people scratched their heads for a few moments and then went back to what they were thinking. 

Swimmers ate the discarded head-people inventions that floated in the seas and moved to areas where head-people congregated, hoping the head-people would see how they were still connected to all other beings on the blue planet.

It was a painful last meal for many swimmers, but a few head-people seemed to notice this and looked upon the faces of their brethren in recognition. Hope sparked

The elements created fiery storms and fierce winds to pull apart the structures that the head-people held so dear. The waters agreed to flow long and hard upon the land to get the attention of the head-people. They knew that break-down often meant break-through, and hoped the head-people would surrender to their hearts.

Many head-people missed the signs of the impending storms and perished, for they had forgotten the heart-ways. But pockets of survivors and even remote head-people gathered together to comfort and support one another in the face of horrific tragedy and loss. Hope flickered.

And the race of head-heart-beings began. It started with only a few, but then they began to find one other. They recognized other head-heart-beings by the light in their eyes...the flicker of intelligence and wisdom, coupled with the warmth and brightness of wonder and oneness.  

The blue planet itself felt a giggle bubbling up from deep within and allowed the tremor to move to the surface, hoping the rest of the head-people would be shaken up enough to remember soon...


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