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The Unfinished Story

Working with plants has taught me to slow down and pay attention. Somehow slowing down makes you wake up.  Slowing down also can cause a "bubbling up" of things that were set aside for another day. So today, I have a story for you. It's end is not yet written, perhaps you can help? The heart-people had a beautiful and loving home on the blue planet, and a deep relationship with all other beings on it. They knew the cycles and seasons and their own part within it.  Green beings, winged ones, crawlers, swimmers, two-leggeds, four-leggeds, and elemental forces ebbed and flowed in peace and harmony, each individual a unique part of the whole.  The heart-people relied on and understood what was theirs to use and then return for the good of all. One being's trash was another being's treasure, everything having a purpose and use. They held hands and hearts together, whether they liked their neighbor or not, for they were dependent upon one another in all m