World Water Day: March 22

Rivers, rain, sweat, blood, and tears,

Cycling, recycling, for thousands of years.

Filling a need for all that is living,

Water's sweet nourishment never stops giving.

Water provides the gift of life, for no living thing on this planet can survive without it. And yet, we go through most of our days without even a single thought about it, as water enters our homes through pipes and gushes forth for our every need as we open our faucets.

Let us remember this gift, and let us rejoice and celebrate it. Let us be more respectful of this limited resource we cannot live without.  Let us make amends for what we have done to this vital element and begin the healing work.

Each one of us can make a difference. 

Saturday is World Water Day, an opportunity to show gratitude for our life-giving waters, and a chance to start anew. Let us begin the work of repairing the damage we have done, for we are slowly destroying ourselves and everything on this planet as we continue to pollute this critical resource for all living things. But we still have time to fix it!

Join the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and organizations around the world on Saturday, March 22nd, and take a few moments to offer your thanks to the waters. Please see World Water Day for more information and how you can join us from wherever you live.

We need clean water to survive, and you can help: conserve, be grateful, be mindful of what you put into the water, and do some kind of work to keep your local waterways clean...choose a stream to care for and do what you can to prevent pollutants from getting there in the first place. Work with your local community leaders, government, and natural resource agencies to be a part of the change that the world needs.

This is everyone's responsibility. We can no longer leave it to someone else. We are someone else. 

Change your thoughts, change your world. You make a difference. Did you know that water responds to us? See the pioneering work done with water by Dr. Emoto. A little gratitude goes a long way, and we can repair the damage we've done by working from the heart as well as on a physical level to remove and prevent contaminants.

We are the ones we've been waiting for! Let us begin.

Here are some resources for Delawareans and those nearby: Recent News, Clean Water for Delaware's Future, DNREC, Delaware Nature Society.

And some more links about Water and World Water Day: UN,, The Water Project, Hands4others, Project Humanity, Ponds for Peace, Water Aid.

In Love, Light, & Gratitude,


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