A New Story

We are born into this bright, beautiful world that supports our every need. We are beings who thrive in an environment of cooperation. Our diverse views and understandings help us balance one another so all can live sustainably. We are an adaptive species that is built to flex and can weather many changes. 

I do believe that is the story of humans, though I'm sure the state of our lives and world right now may feel far from that, being scary and overwhelming. It may even feel as if we've gotten stuck in a rut that's hard to get out of, spinning our wheels as we try to repair things that aren't working.

Feeling stuck and frustrated can be a good thing, because it motivates us to do something different. Sometimes we need to sit in our "stuckness" for a bit so that we can realize what we do not want life to be like. It's as important to know what we don't want as it is to know what we do want.

If we're living in a way that makes us unhappy, or filled with the wrong things, or empty altogether, then something will step into our life and grab our attention....compelling us to open our eyes and ears to truly see and hear what's going on in and around us. It will make us open our hearts to see if it feels right or not. When it doesn't feel right, it propels us into action to make a change, whether it's simply changing our perspective or doing something more.

The "bad" things that happen in life are the ones that help crack open the shell of our illusions and get to the heart of who we are. We seem to be really good at building walls around us, using stories about ourselves that protect us or help us fit in or navigate hard times.

These old stories can hold us back. These old stories contain all manners of fantasy, some telling us we're helpless to change our situation, we'll change that habit after this situation gets better, we're not good enough, we're not strong enough or smart enough or enough of whatever we think is required to make a difference.

The real beauty about life is that every day, we have the chance to start anew and change our story. We can choose to finally believe that we are enough of everything we need.

And we are. We are enough. We have the amazing opportunity to experience things like strength and courage and creativity and beauty because we are alive as humans. Every experience we have fills us with something unique that no other being alive can experience. We can choose to see that from a place of despair or wonder.

Simply because we exist, we are precious. We each hold exceptional wisdom within us that is a gift to the world. The true passions we have are our calling, our gift, and the reason we were born. It is our birthright and our responsibility to develop and deliver our gifts, whatever they may be. Part of our journey is discovering them and how to share them with others.

It's a beautiful time to be alive, as the platform on which we now stand supports the release of what no longer works and engages us in the search for something new. We have the unique opportunity to be and create as never before. 

We just need to say "yes" to a new story and open our book to a fresh page. Our story will write itself whether we consciously choose to write it or not. We will still have a long book at the end of our life to look back on, whether we lived on auto-pilot or chose every single moment. Now is a good time to ask ourselves: how would I like my story to read from this point on?

There is no right and wrong. We don't have to know the ending to our new story, only that it's happy. We'll get there one little step at a time. There are no mistakes...only learning and heart-opening experiences along the way that teach us patience, love, strength, courage, integrity, steadfastness, and wisdom.

We just have to be quiet and listen to our hearts so we know where and when to use our gifts. It will be easier to hear if we take a few moments to step back from our constant busy-ness so that our creative forces have space to run and we can hear that little voice inside us that guides us so perfectly. We may get a gentle feeling of something we need to do, or have a memorable dream, or experience a series of coincidences.

We each truly know what we want to give and receive in life. 

Best wishes for your greatest story yet!

Love & Light,


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