December Loving Kindness Challenge!

Many folks take up a daily gratitude practice during the month of November, which is a great thing to remind us of what's really important in life. It can bring us back into our heart space, allowing us to feel love and compassion for ourselves and others. I love this!

I've found that the month of December can be more problematic, however. The gratitude we build up in November somehow comes to a grinding halt in December. We can get overwhelmed with the winter holidays and the busy-ness that those festivities cause. I know I've had many, many, moments in Decembers where my heart was not filled with joy and love and all those things that are supposed to be part of this holiday season. Instead, I felt trampled by stress and expectations and it was just not fun.

To help me refocus this year, I'd like follow on the heels of the month of gratitude with a challenge for the month of December.

Loving Kindness Month!

No matter what your culture or spiritual path, we could all use a little more love at this time of year. 

If you'd like to join me, here's how it works:

Every day in the month of December, find one way to bring loving kindness into your life. Here are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless: 
    • SMILE, even when you don't feel like never know when that smile will genuinely make somene else's day and even faking it will help enhance your mood.
    • Offer an act of kindness to someone you wouldn't normally offer it to...check in on an elderly neighbor, or deliver "anonymous" flowers to someone who always seems "mean", or drop off a meal to someone who is struggling. Include a little note to tell them they are loved.
    • Take a moment to breathe deeply before speaking when you feel angry or frustrated.
    • Let someone in front of you in line.
    • Rescue an abandoned animal or adopt that holiday dog or cat from an animal shelter.
    • Pay for the person behind you at the toll booth or grocery store if you can afford it.
    • Do a reverse gift-giving: instead of purchasing gifts, see what you have in your home that you can donate to a local shelter, food kitchen, or other needed place in your community (including your time!). Many of us already have too many things while others are sorely in need of some basics.
    • Change one judgmental thought you're having, whether it's about yourself or others. Give thanks instead for our amazing diversity and the mistakes that we make that help us grow. 
    • Demonstrate more courtesy while driving...letting people over in front of you, stopping for ALL the red lights and stop signs, slow down a bit, etc. 

If you'd like to participate, go HERE to sign up for the daily December emails. You will only be subscribed to the daily emails in December for this challenge and nothing else from newsletters, announcements or anything else. Just Loving Kindness. :) (If you'd like to receive my newsletters as well, please sign up in the white box at the top right side).

You can also join my Facebook page and post about your loving kindness each day if you'd like. We're not looking for acts of heroism, though they are deeply appreciated if you feel so moved. It's all those little loving things we do every day that make a big difference! We need more love and compassion in this world - for ourselves and others. Our wells are empty...we get drained from many things in this life and we need to fill up with some wonderful things.

Thank you to all those who are joining me!

For those of you who are "mulling it over": I know you're thinking that you might sign up when it gets closer to December and that you just can't commit right now. (I'm a pro at playing that little game with myself). But if you sign up now, you'll automatically receive a little "love note" in your email on December 1st and every day for the whole month. There's no cost or strings attached. Who doesn't like a little love and inspiration? If you don't like the messages, simply unsubscribe. No spam, no selling your email address, no announcements, no advertising. Just a little love from me to you...and then from you to whomever you choose to share. Start with one little act of loving kindness, at least for yourself. Fill your well this December!

Love & Light to all!



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