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Today I walked a labyrinth to clear my head and heart. It's amazing what happens when we allow ourselves a few moments of silence.  Rain threatened, but held off while I circled around, close to the center and then back out again. Along the way, I came across a few things in the path. There may be obstacles in our way, but they give us the chance to tap into our creativity and find ways around. Sometimes we may feel as if we've lost a part of ourselves. An egg reminded me of new possibilities. And we are always filled with all we need. In the end, we will come back to our center, and we are never alone. The curves are just part of life's colorful journey...the lessons and the blessings for our growth.

Wild Goose Chase

Some days, it feels like we're trying to chase down something elusive. But today, I was part of an actual wild goose chase. When I arrived for my work shift at Ashland Nature Center this morning, I discovered that a wayward gosling had followed around one of our school groups on their morning hike. They tried to leave him down in the marsh, where he would be most likely to be found by his parents, but the little one stuck like glue to the group and finished the hike with them. He dined on the fresh plants surrounding the lodge while they ate their breakfast inside. Gosling! Since I was leading the next program down in the marsh, I took the gosling with us and hoped to leave him there. I asked the students to refrain from talking to or touching the goose, as he needed to stay wild. There was no sign of any adult geese in the marsh or the creek, much to my disappointment. The gosling contentedly swam around, munching on duckweed while we explored the marsh. As we t

Creating Dreams

Since it's Mother's Day, it seems appropriate to honor all facets of creation. Mothers bring life and love into this world in so many ways, and an idea popped into my head this evening that I'd like to share, as I think it could be a worthy project to manifest some good in this world. I've been inspired to create a "Dream Garden" in a corner of my yard. I'm inviting others to add their dreams to this sacred space, and we'll tend it with love together. Click the link below to my newsletter for more information... Dream Garden Newsletter Sweet Dreams! Love & Light, Sue

The Depths of Life

Life is a deep, deep pool. If we're only willing to skim the top for fear of having to occasionally skim the bottom, we'll miss all the glorious heart-filling stuff in between. Sometimes we get to experience the various depths in a short span of time, where the clear and brilliant breath-taking moments are quickly followed by a time of uncertainty and fear, stranded in murky waters, where we feel choked and overwhelmed.  This was my past weekend. I volunteered at the last minute to chaperone my middle-school daughter's 4-day choir competition trip to Boston since another chaperone had to withdraw. I admit I was a little nervous, as the itinerary was ambitious, and to be in charge of someone else's children in a city where bombings had occurred the week before was a bit...intimidating. Despite my nervousness, I felt compelled to step up. So I jumped blindly into the pool, not knowing how deep it was going to be or if the waters were clear or turbulent.