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I just returned from a restorative vacation with my family, visiting some friends in California who have been inviting us for over a decade to come visit. I'm struggling a bit with the re-entry this time, more so than usual. We had amazing excursions in places of pure, natural wonder. We had the privilege to stay in Santa Cruz, a place of immense beauty where cliffs meet the sea, colorful sea stars and anemones can be found clinging to rocks during low tide, playful sea lions call to one another and sun themselves on the pier, and a rich culture of eccentricities is summed up in the motto of "Keep Santa Cruz Weird".  Vegetarian diners are designed to fool the tourist, with window displays advertising "burgers, fries, and shakes" and looking like something out of the 50's. Vegetarian fare is just fine, as long as that's what you're expecting. If not, then it's just pretty dang funny when you suddenly notice that the word "chick