Holding Space

This is just a quick little post written after a long-but life-affirming day of creating, scheduling, and listening to stunning, talented local middle and high school kids play heart-filling music for three hours at a public venue. Ahhhh-mazing day.

I'm blissfully exhausted and not quite up to spilling out a full post, so this one is literally holding space till tomorrow or the next day. The first post people see should no longer be about Valentine's day. (Seriously. I'm way behind. Sorry 'bout that).

But I don't like to waste people's time, so here's a little thought from me to you...

You are amazing, lovable, compassionate, kind-hearted, and talented in so many ways. Some of them you may have not discovered just yet, some aspects you may have forgotten about. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile, because you are so needed and wanted here in this world. You...as you are...in all your glory and your faults...we need every blessed part of you to show up in your life and just be you. 

Chase your dreams. Fall and get up again. Give another person a hand up, and accept the hand that's offered to you. Love yourself. Love others. Be kind. Be authentic. Live life fully and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Face your fears and stand them down. You are stronger than you think, smarter than you know, and braver than you feel.

I'm holding this space right here for you to just be you. Know that you are loved here. Peace and Love to all...



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