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Enter the Pain

Every now and then we come up against things in our life that hurt. When we're confronted with pain - emotional or physical - we usually want to make it go away as quickly as possible. No one wants to stay in pain; it hurts . I read a book a few weeks ago that made me start to think about pain differently. The author relayed her birth experience and her decision to fully embrace the pain of her contractions rather than fight them, and her experience was far different than she ever expected. That got me thinking. How many times did I reach for some sort of analgesic for the pain rather than facing it square on ? I wonder how different my experiences would have been if I had entered the pain at those times instead of fighting them? Would I have healed faster? I can't speak for long-term, serious, chronic physical pain - that's an experience I won't pretend to understand. But there's a plethora of painful emotional experiences for me to look at. I've bur

Truth and Dare

Truth : I intended to blog more this month than I have, and I'm working on improving that now. Dare : I took up the dare to create a weekly newsletter, so my writing time has been going into that, with a mini-blog in the newsletter each week. Hence, my absence here. So now I double-dog dare you to join my mailing list if you enjoy what I babble about here. ;) Anyhoo...   Over the past week, I've had several people thank me for being "clear" in sharing my thoughts and responses. I tend to take notice of things when they happen more than once, and today it gave me pause when the third person specifically thanked me for being clear. Being the perfectionist, I immediately started to I not normally clear in my communication? I always aim for being completely clear, especially as I spend most of my life teaching and writing. Being clear is very important to me - right up there at the top of the list. Miscommunications cause all kinds of problems and I wo

The Fog and the Cliff

I'm not talking about the fiscal cliff. This is about the edges we walk in life and how we wander around in a fog sometimes, with no idea where we've put our feet, which direction we're going, or where the edge is.  Life is filled with peaks and valleys. Hard work and focus bring us to the top, where we can fill ourselves with the beauty of what's possible after an accomplishment. The valleys are the starting places where we choose our path to the next peak. And though life may feel as if it's a series of stops and starts, it really is all one flow as our journeys up and down create the landscape of our life. And then there's the fog. I'm very familiar with the fog in the valleys...the confusion that reigns when we're at the bottom and need to decide where to go next or how to get out of a bad situation we've gotten ourselves into. The fog can leave us running into things we can't see, tripping and finding sharp edges, or off in a direction