Re-filling the Well

I spent the last few days mostly offline as I enjoyed the holidays with my family. It was quite refreshing to be unplugged and in the moment with my loved ones! Today brings the gentle return of my attention to the greater world, and with it, the reflective mood that ascends upon me at this time of year.

The winter holidays have us in a flurry of activity, and we tend to set aside our personal needs to meet holiday deadlines. It can leave us feeling drained, sluggish, and out-of-sorts afterward. We are likely sleep-deprived and perhaps suffering from a little gastric distress in the wake of the celebrations. 

The day after Christmas for my family is our day off. We recuperate from the busy weeks of December, sleeping in a bit and being grateful for the exchange of time with family and thoughtful gifts. It's a day to sit in slowness, taking the day as we like. 

Winter brings us the gift of going within, and the brief respite after holiday celebrations can give us some time to re-fill our wells. It's beneficial to us to take some down-time and allow some extra rest and quiet space to do the things that fill us with joy. We need this time, and it's even better if we can establish a simple self-care routine that we can use on a regular basis. When we don't take care of ourselves, our body puts us out of commission with illness. A little prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we have the right and responsibility to care for ourselves. When we do, we are happier and healthier and that ripples out into the rest of our the people we love and the things we want to do.

As we round the corner to the new year, many people make resolutions, which more often than not dissolve by early February. I had to give up on the concept of New Year's resolutions years ago, as they only left me wallowing in low self-esteem as I failed to meet yet another goal, with no flexibility for the changes that inevitably happen throughout the year. At some point, I realized that most of my resolutions were based on what I thought other people expected of me. That will never be something I can be successful at! 

My personal goals need to be the things that fill me and make me a better person. My goals have to help me become the person I want to be, and I can't just have goals at the beginning of the year. If I'm going to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit and experience growth during the year, I must be open to new things along the way, adjust the current goals, make new ones, and let things go that no longer resonate with me. I must face the things I fear the most. And I must not beat myself up about failures. Failures provide growth, so long as we allow ourselves to look at them and find the gem within the lesson that will help us move forward toward success.

Here's hoping the remainder of 2012 gives you the space to indulge in self-care and the time to reflect on how amazing you are right now, in this moment! May the new year breathe fresh life into your heart and propel you forward into fantastic new ways, surrounded by loving family and friends to support you in goals and growth that bring you joy and peace.

2013 will be full of glorious new things for me to share...special offerings in my newsletters for subscribers, a couple of books I want to publish, classes on herbs, meditation, and Reiki, and who know where else the journey will take me? I promise to give my very best from my heart, and I will share what I can as it comes through me. For now, here's a little something I'm offering for those who'd like to take part...

I'll be sending out a special New Year's gift to all those on my mailing list in the next few days. If you'd like to receive that and other inspirational goodies via my weekly-ish newsletter, you can subscribe to my list in the white box on the upper right side of the page. :)

Love & Light,


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