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Re-filling the Well

I spent the last few days mostly offline as I enjoyed the holidays with my family. It was quite refreshing to be unplugged and in the moment with my loved ones! Today brings the gentle return of my attention to the greater world, and with it, the reflective mood that ascends upon me at this time of year. The winter holidays have us in a flurry of activity, and we tend to set aside our personal needs to meet holiday deadlines. It can leave us feeling drained, sluggish, and out-of-sorts afterward. We are likely sleep-deprived and perhaps suffering from a little gastric distress in the wake of the celebrations.  The day after Christmas for my family is our day off. We recuperate from the busy weeks of December, sleeping in a bit and being grateful for the exchange of time with family and thoughtful gifts. It's a day to sit in slowness, taking the day as we like.  Winter brings us the gift of going within, and the brief respite after holiday celebrations can give us some time to

For the Children

As the news hit me about the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, all I could do was fall to my knees and allow my heart to break in solidarity with those who have lost their children and family members today. May they be surrounded by the love and prayers that the rest of us are sending out for them. There are no words. Events like these leave us in shock, harboring disbelief, anger, and raw pain. There is little the rest of us can do right now except light a candle, pray, gather together, and focus on sending their community all the love and light that we can.  If you feel called, stop on over to the The Loving Tree page and leave your thoughts and prayers there . T ogether we will hold loving space for the Sandy Hook community in our joined hearts. Many thanks. 

December Daze

December seems to sneak up on me every year, in a bash-me-on-the-head kind of way. Last year was particularly difficult for me, as a I dealt with a pinched nerve in my shoulder (think copious shopping and gift-wrapping) and I just couldn't get into the spirit of the holiday season, no matter how much meditation and other things I did to try to lift myself up. I felt like there was no time to enjoy the events of the season, and I was frustrated by the commercialism of why we were buying things for people who didn't need them. I couldn't wait till the holidays were over and swore I'd make changes for the future. At the end of last season, we threw out the old tree that had dysfunctional lights. I went through the ornaments and got rid of the ones we didn't put on the tree anymore. We parted with the kid's artwork from preschool (they're in high school and middle school now) and looked forward to a new start. I told my family that next year would be different