New Day, New Start

It's the morning after the elections here in the U.S., and we are a nation of mixed feelings. Some people are crushed by the results, others are joyous and hopeful, and some are in despair. Whether we celebrate or mourn the outcome, we are all in this together. We created the current state of affairs here in our country, and only by working together can we make things better.

And now the hard work begins.

It's a new day. We have the opportunity to change things and bring our country into balance. This will only happen if we can move past our feelings of separate-ness and instead look to focus on our common needs. Underneath our different viewpoints, we all really need and want the same basics: food, shelter, clothing, clean water and air, medical care, a means to support our families, and freedom. Everyone wants these things. Where we differ is how we go about doing it, and in some cases, we've made judgments about who "deserves" what, leaving some people struggling for their very survival.

This is a big job...lots of things need fixed. And it depends on each one of us to do our own part in this process. Our government can't do it all for us. We can't elect officials and then walk away to leave them work and go back to our lives as they were. That doesn't change things.

So where do we start? With ourselves. First, we need to accept the results of the election. Some of us may not like the outcome, but this is what we have to work with. Accept the results, grieve if you must, and then be ready for the next step. Sitting in anger or despair will not make things better. It just makes things bitter.

We can have a great impact by working locally. There are needs we can fill in our own communities, and we need to follow our elected officials to make sure they're doing what we elected them to do. If not, we have the right and responsibility to speak up, respectfully. 

We need to be involved in the changes. Each one of us is important in moving forward together. If your elected officials are acting in a self-serving manner rather than for the good of all the people, speak up. This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We the People have been asleep and things have run amuck as we slumbered.

And it's all ok. It's never too late to change things and work for something better. We start within ourselves. Allow ourselves to grieve if we feel the outcome is disappointing, forgive ourselves and others for the mistakes of the past, and hold onto the HOPE that our great country is known for. We are a nation who can step up, come together, and work for the common good. Our history has proven that...again and again. I for one, am grateful for what we have here in the United States. We are so very fortunate and we should not lose sight of that, even if we feel things are not as good as we'd like at the moment.

Today I give you seed a hope, a DandeLion wish...

May our roots be as strong, deep, and as tenacious as the common dandelion, grounded in compassion and love for our fellow humans and planet. May we work together to nurture and grow a better future for ourselves and our children so that all needs are met. May we blossom into a strong nation who, together, has learned to recognize and appreciate the strengths and differences in each one of is our diversity that helps us to survive. May we all be guided by loving hearts and reach out to be the best that we can be. When times get tough, may we reach into our depths and find common soil to nourish. Together.

I am grateful for this new day, and a chance to start again. I am grateful for the gifts and lessons of the past so that we can be even better than we were yesterday.

Love & Light to All,


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