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Pause Button

This morning I played the waiting game, as the tech from the electric company was scheduled sometime between "8am and noon" to update our gas meter. These kinds of service calls can be frustrating, as it always seems they show up at the end of the 4-hour window rather than the beginning, leaving us feeling "stuck" and not in control.  This time I decided to switch up my perspective and be grateful for the pause. I have had the morning dedicated to being at home and getting a few things done here. I've enjoyed the leisurely sipping of my coffee and taking my time doing some mundane things, as well as a little quiet time for myself, which gave me the chance to reflect a bit. Today brought the gift of seeing how important it is to press the pause button to rest, reflect, and recharge. This is a part of self-care that we need to honor, especially after a time of extreme busy-ness. Every day should have a little space in it for us to step back, take stock of wher

Attitude of Gratitude

 Thanksgiving will be upon us in just a few days where we take time to retreat, gather with families and friends to celebrate, and give thanks for all we have. And it is good. (Although admittedly, sometimes family gatherings can put the "fun" in dysfunctional if there are stressors in our family member's lives, or people have overindulged, or the turkey wasn't quite completely cooked). But we truly have much to be grateful for - the lessons as well as the blessings. It has been my goal over the past year to take time to be grateful each day, and it has truly changed my life. This small practice has allowed me to slowly recognize that there is an opportunity for growth from the obstacles and some sort of blessing will always follow. No longer does slow traffic or a sudden change of plans leave me frustrated. I still have bad days and sometimes there are BIG challenges, but I start off in a much better place than I used to be. And I've been able to notice the

New Day, New Start

It's the morning after the elections here in the U.S., and we are a nation of mixed feelings. Some people are crushed by the results, others are joyous and hopeful, and some are in despair. Whether we celebrate or mourn the outcome, we are all in this together. We created the current state of affairs here in our country, and only by working together can we make things better. And now the hard work begins. It's a new day. We have the opportunity to change things and bring our country into balance. This will only happen if we can move past our feelings of separate-ness and instead look to focus on our common needs. Underneath our different viewpoints, we all really need and want the same basics: food, shelter, clothing, clean water and air, medical care, a means to support our families, and freedom. Everyone wants these things. Where we differ is how we go about doing it, and in some cases, we've made judgments about who "deserves" what, leaving some people