Picking Up the Pieces

Hurricane Sandy has left quite a mess in her wake. Some areas have less damage than others, and some are still struggling with the storm itself as this is being written. 

Once the storm has passed, there is always some clean-up. In the case of a hurricane, personal lives meet Mother Nature...people may have lost loved ones, have damaged homes and communities, or have lost animals to the storm. Things have changed. Change is really the only constant we can count on here in this life.

What matters now is how we move forward. Whether we survived intact or had great loss, we can get through this together. Natural disasters have a way of helping us to open our hearts and feel compassion for one another. We check on neighbors, help our communities clean up, and make donations for others in need. We step up and really become the best we can be, caring for one another openly, no matter who they are.

Then typically, our lives return to "normal" and we resume our activities as before the storm. 

I offer a post-Sandy challenge: to remember what was most important to us when we were concerned about our survival. What was critical to take care of? Who were we worried about? Who did we offer prayers and positive thoughts for? 

I would challenge us all to allow our hearts to remain open so that we can continue to be aware of what is really important in life and see those in need as we move forward in time. I would challenge us to release what we don't need anymore...we've had the chance to see what's really important over the past couple days. We have work to do, not just in our physical spaces, but in our hearts and heads too. I'd bet that most of us have been carrying around feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that don't really serve us, and in some cases, may have gotten in our way, hampering our ability to be the loving beings that we are.

I would further challenge us to choose leaders in the upcoming election who have open and compassionate hearts and work to meet the needs of all people. We've gotten to see our current leaders in action over the past few days. How did they do? Are the candidates who are up for election living heart-centered lives? Or are they making empty promises? We need to look at how they live, not just the words they offer us. If they weren't open-hearted, caring people who served others in meaningful ways before being elected, they're not going to do it when they get in office. 

Back to my own clean-up, then on to the community. Love and light to all affected by this storm. May our hearts remain open and everyone receive the support they need as we pick up the pieces.

And for the highest and greatest good, may we elect leaders who allow compassion and love to guide them in all things.

The skies are clearing, feel the light returning...



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