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The Moment is Now

Sometimes we have a revelation, an epiphany that we wished we had discovered years ago. And there is no other way to discover it except to come to the conclusion ourselves. No matter how many people tried to tell us or show us or make us understand, we didn't see it. Not until the experience presented itself so that we could understand up close and personal. Almost a year ago, one of my dear friends lost her police-officer husband in the line of duty. It was a normal evening when he went off to serve as he always did, and he died doing what he committed his life to doing. In the blink of an eye, his life was ended, and her life was changed. There are a thousand ways to grieve but no words to take the pain away from my friend. There's no "undo" button that we can click to change things. I've believed for a long time that as long as nobody died, we have the chance to fix our mistakes and make amends. But when someone dies, there's no more chances to fix thin