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Confessions of a Closet Perfectionist

This morning a picture crossed my Facebook page that caught my attention. It had a list of the months of the year, where you looked up the month you were born and it listed a defining quality of your personality. Being born in October, I was anxious to see what it said. October = "Born the perfectionists" What?! The other months had things like nicest, sexiest, sweetest (although February was "craziest"). I  was expecting "flexible, peace-maker, easy to get along with" or something like that. Perfectionist was the complete opposite of what I was thinking. I really don't expect perfection from anyone. I'm an optimist, and I know that we're all human, and no one's perfect. I believe that. I spend plenty of time laughing at my own mistakes and recognizing it's how we grow, and not making a big deal of the mistakes that other people make. My experience has been that "perfectionists" tend to judge and look down upon others and