New Beginnings

Each day is a new opportunity. In each moment, seeds of our experiences are cast into our minds and hearts, and we choose what we want to grow and where our life focus will be.

Dandelion Grove is a new venture. My name is Sue Bara, and I was honored to spend the past week absorbing the message of peace, love, and our connection to all life on earth, as was shared by the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. If you've never heard of the Grandmothers, please visit their website and learn more about them: The Grandmothers are planting seeds of peace and love as they travel the world, bringing attention to global issues such as the right to clean water for all humans, respect for the planet that provides our very sustenance, and reminding us that ALL people everywhere are worthy of respect and are equal to one another no matter who they are. No one race/person/corporation/religion outranks any other. We are all part of the same design and web of life, and are all equal and worthy. And every decision the Grandmothers make, along with the indigenous nations they come from, are made with the next 7 generations in mind.

I was guided to start building Dandelion Grove a few days before I met the Grandmothers. I was told in a meditation that I would need this site to be up and running for when I returned and was given the name. The name couldn't have been more perfect, as I have loved dandelions since I was a kid and my maiden name is Lion. Dandelions are abundant, tenacious, hardy, found around the world, and are good medicine. Groves are spaces where comfort and inspiration can be found. I hope to grow this place and create a community founded in love and peace and a desire to make our world better for everyone, one little seedling at a time.

Groves are also sacred places, and I will use the word Spirit to describe a force that is greater than myself that guides and inspires me to live my life in more loving ways. I have come to learn that life is sacred, and without honoring the sacred within ourselves and all other living things, we are incomplete. Even if you don't believe there is a supreme being of some sort watching over us all, there is space here for you at the Grove. We are all connected and dependent upon one another and everything else on our planet for our survival. Some of us just think that's a miracle - absolutely divine, even!

Please stay tuned for new pages - places to voice concerns and set requests for positive thoughts/prayers, places to connect to others, inspirational thoughts and journeys, and who knows what else may come. The seeds have been scattered and we'll just see what grows here. I hope you stop back again sometime soon to see what's blooming. I'm still working the soil...

Love & Light,


  1. When we learn from the past, observe the present, and prepare for the future we can focus on love not fear.

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, MQ. So true! <3


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