Ebb, Flow, and a Dying Microwave

Sometimes it's the little things that can just set our day wrong from the get-go, and it's hard to put it back right...

Hubby wakes me up before he leaves for work this morning, with the announcement that the microwave is dead and he's unplugged it and remove it from the kitchen. Apparently it had some sort of seizure around 4am, with the screen going all crazy-blinky and making beeping sounds in it's last breath. I sigh, and several thoughts hit me all at once:
  • DANG. Microwave shopping was so not on the list or budget for this week.
  • Oops! Gratitude first - Thank you for not going out in a ball of flame. :)
  • Hey - I feel kinda like that microwave sometimes. Like I'm just trying to stay in the flow of things, but people keep popping open my door and pushing my buttons. Sometimes I wanna have a blinky-bleepy seizure and stop working too!
  • Then I feel kind sad, because none of us were awake to honor the passing of that reliable cooking device. There were really no signs that it was dying. It just happened, in the middle of the night. Was it bleeping, "Goodbye cruel world! or "So long, and thanks for all the popcorn!"? Had we known it was time, maybe we could have said a few thank-you's before bed.
I had a plan for today. It was lovely. I had some things I needed to do, but the day wasn't crazy-busy. Now I'm annoyed. I don't want to think about a microwave, I had plenty of other things to think about. This is messing up my Feng Shui. I am not in my happy place. I'm normally a positive person, but today, this just brought be down. <Ebb>

I grab some coffee and step outside to sit in the sunshine and regroup. The cat starts yowling. I ignore her and try to put myself in a place of gratitude for this beautiful weather, the fact that it was the microwave that died and not the coffeepot, and all the other blessings that are coming today. Ah, ~flow~

I go into the kitchen and stare at the empty hole above the stove. My 11 yr old daughter wanders in and wants to know how we're going to make breakfast without the microwave. I point to a frying pan and walk away. The cat starts yowling again. She's been fed, petted, the litter box is clean. There is no reason to be whining. <Ebb>

I look at the cat and say, "Stop it. Go lay down." There is no question in my voice. Apparently she knows I've had enough, so she curls up in the corner. ~Flow~

The rest of the morning is a series of ebb and flow: some smiles from friends and grimaces at the other things I've discovered I need to do. My natural energy today is to be whiney because stuff has gotten in the way of the things I planned and actually need to do.

The only way I can shift from ebb to flow today is by changing to gratitude. Some days that's a longer journey than others. The microwave dying really shouldn't be putting me over the edge - I'm normally a go-with-the-flow gal, but that's just where I am today. So I will honor that space that I'm in - it's okay to feel off-balance some days, but it's not okay to spew that upon others. So I'll keep shifting back to gratitude when I'm ebbing...

I give thanks for the sun and breeze...my hubby....my children (even though they keep interrupting those few moments of flow)...my warm cup of coffee....the home we have...the wonderful family and friends in our lives...

I know the blessings will keep coming, the more I shift and be grateful.

And I can also say that the groceries probably aren't happening, and we're getting pizza for dinner... ~Flow~

Love & Light,


  1. Sue I love this!!! You made me smile and remember that when life gives us ebb we move forward to flow :)

  2. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for this - brought a smile to my face and soul.

    Deep Peace


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