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Ebb, Flow, and a Dying Microwave

Sometimes it's the little things that can just set our day wrong from the get-go, and it's hard to put it back right... Hubby wakes me up before he leaves for work this morning, with the announcement that the microwave is dead and he's unplugged it and remove it from the kitchen. Apparently it had some sort of seizure around 4am, with the screen going all crazy-blinky and making beeping sounds in it's last breath. I sigh, and several thoughts hit me all at once: DANG. Microwave shopping was so not on the list or budget for this week. Oops! Gratitude first - Thank you for not going out in a ball of flame. :) Hey - I feel kinda like that microwave sometimes. Like I'm just trying to stay in the flow of things, but people keep popping open my door and pushing my buttons. Sometimes I wanna have a blinky-bleepy seizure and stop working too! Then I feel kind sad, because none of us were awake to honor the passing of that reliable cooking device. There were really n

Synchronicities: Grandmothers, Water, & All My Relations

First, a warning: this is a loooong post. I think it probably fits into the "babble" category. What does one call a blog that babbles? A blobble? But I had to write. I was no less than compelled to share what is contained within. I won't apologize for speaking from my heart and sharing my experiences in the hopes that someone might find a small nugget that's helpful & meaningful. But it is fair to say that you might wanna grab a cuppa before you read further. I considered dividing this "blobble" into three separate posts, but it needed to maintain continuity, so I'm doing as I'm guided. The post is in three sections though, so you could squeeze in a well-timed bathroom break. ;) I will apologize for any misspellings, incorrect grammar, and all those sorts of things that can happen when stuff just comes pouring through and you gotta get it down. This was torrential rain, so please bear with me! When the universe speaks, it pays to listen. Di

Working the Soil

A few days ago I opened up Dandelion Grove as a place of love and inspiration for others to help create a more positive world and then share that with others. I'm working the soil and want to extend the invitation to help me co-create and tend the space here. We are constantly bombarded by bad news, violence, and are told what we can or cannot do or be. Our world is in pain. People are hungry and don't have their basic needs met. Our planet is in bad shape: our water is not clean and is getting worse. We're encouraged to buy things that we do not need that aren't good for our bodies, minds, and spirits. And we have been told that money is power, but I disagree. I think LOVE is the strongest force in the universe and all we need to turn things around. I stand here and affirm that: I am LOVE I am LIGHT I am JOY AND I REMEMBER! I want a life filled with LOVE. I want my children to grow up in a world where LOVE is the primary focus and everyone has what they n

New Beginnings

Each day is a new opportunity. In each moment, seeds of our experiences are cast into our minds and hearts, and we choose what we want to grow and where our life focus will be. Dandelion Grove is a new venture. My name is Sue Bara, and I was honored to spend the past week absorbing the message of peace, love, and our connection to all life on earth, as was shared by the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. If you've never heard of the Grandmothers, please visit their website and learn more about them: . The Grandmothers are planting seeds of peace and love as they travel the world, bringing attention to global issues such as the right to clean water for all humans, respect for the planet that provides our very sustenance, and reminding us that ALL people everywhere are worthy of respect and are equal to one another no matter who they are. No one race/person/corporation/religion outranks any other. We are all part of the same design and web of life, and