DandeLion Grove is a special place, named after a simple yet amazing wildflower, though it's more often referred to as a weed. 

This common "weed" offers simple healing for body, mind, and heart. The flower head is composed of thousands of ray flowers, brightening our lawns with its sunny personality. The greens and roots are filled with nutrients and life, and they are both food and medicine in many traditions around the world.  

This simple wildflower grows around the globe, reminding us that we are all connected, and is a symbol of persistence and strong will. It's Latin name, Taraxacum officinale, means "remedy for disorders". And those fluff-ball seedheads are absolutely divine for wishing! 

As far as I'm concerned, what's not to love about dandelions

Please feel free to enjoy the pages here on DandeLion Grove and connect to elements designed to inspire, encourage, and help you be your best!

There's tips on plant healing (herbs) over at Herbal Wisdom, or you can leave your concerns at The Loving Tree, or wander over to Inspirational Garden for a loving thought for the day. And definitely check out my Blog - lots of entries on that page, from the heart. Please check out the Favorite Links page for a list of businesses and practitioners who are loving, respectable, and whom I think the world should know about based on my own healing interactions with them.  :)

Oh...and the "Lion" in DandeLion is capitalized on purpose. My maiden name is Lion, and I have reclaimed it here since Lion represents strength, courage, and family. Pretty much sums up the Grove.

More stuff is in the works, but meanwhile, I hope you leave here feeling a little brighter for having stopped by.

DandeLion Wishes!
Sue Bara
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